"Revealing the unique beauty of the rural American landscape, the grace and simplicity of the Amish people, and his own unique brand of humor, Bill Coleman's work should be celebrated as an American treasure."


Isn't it against their religion for the Amish to be photographed?

This is perhaps the MOST frequently asked question....

The Amish are not a mono-culture and cannot be painted with the same brush. Within the Amish community, there are many sects with a great deal of diversity amongst them. Within sects, and even within communities - families will have widely varying attitudes towards being photographed.

Bill cultivated relationships with several families in a remote Amish community, doing so gradually over the course of 40 years. While some were open to Bill and his camera, inviting him into their home and allowing him to document all aspects of their lives - others were less than pleased with being photographed. While Bill often "asked for forgiveness rather than permission", he was always respectful of the Amish and their beliefs.

For more information about this, please read this article on AmishAmerica.com.

I’m looking for an image and can’t seem to find it on your site, can you help?

Bill’s collection includes many thousands of images, of which we are showing a small sample here. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for please contact us and we’ll do our best to see what we can find.

I have an original print - how much is it worth?

Many factors affect the value of a piece - the condition of the print, edition size, popularity of the subject matter, what comparable works have sold recently, etc. Because of this, we do not provide appraisals or values of the work. For an accurate appraisal of a work's value either for resale or insurance purposes - please contact a reputable art appraiser.

Are these limited edition prints?

Please note that the paper prints offered are from Bill's collection of curated images and are not signed limited prints. These are reprints of his collection and are printed to the same strict standards that Bill required of his own limited edition prints. Each print incorporates Bill's signature in the lower right corner, smaller than the watermark you see on the website galleries. 

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